S-OIL 7 CLEAN / FLUSHING OIL 1L Fully Synthetic
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Brand S-OIL
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 12 cm x 23 cm
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  • When exchanging the engine oil it removes the existing used oil and sludge 
  • Piston oil film is formed smoothly
  • Improve ride comfort and noise reduction
  • Reducing the exhaust to Improve the fuel efficiency 

​S-OIL 7 CLEAN is made by 100% synthetic base oil. It is high performance flushing oil formulated with selected base stocks. S-OIL 7 CLEAN removes (debris such as) varnish, sludge, and carbon deposits, and cleans the oil system for the best performance. It is recommended for use Gasoline, Diesel, LPG engine. ​

S-OIL 7 CLEAN is designed for use in all engine types (gasoline, diesel, LPG) in passenger cars, SUV, light & ​​heavy duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and so on. ​

How to Use:

  • Drain the existing engine oil 
  • After injection S-OIL 7 CLEAN, Idling for 10 minute 
  • Drain S-OIL 7 CLEAN 
  • Replace the oil filter with a new one and fill the new engine oil​​
What's in the box

1 bottle of S-OIL 7 CLEAN 1L (Fully Synthetic)